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Scott Gaunky, CPMM - Director of Facilities

(847) 514-6205 sgaunky@d103.org

Building Contacts

  • Daniel Wright Junior High School

Ken Carlson, CPMM - Head of Maintenance
(847) 514-6454 cell kcarlson@d103.org

  • Half Day School

Mike Kriese - Head of Maintenance
(847) 514-6456 cell mkriese@d103.org

  • Laura B. Sprague School

Chris Buck - Head of Maintenance
(847) 514-6455 cell cbuck@d103.org


Environmental Study Results

Reports are posted below and are also available in hard copy at both the District 103 Administrative Office and specific school office.

Indoor Air Quality Study at Half Day School, January 2018 (pdf)

Water Testing Analysis Results, 2017

Indoor Air Quality Study at Daniel Wright Junior High, January 2017 (pdf)

Drinking Water Quality in District 103 (pdf)

Indoor Air Quality Study at Laura B. Sprague School (pdf)

Asbestos Inspection & Management Plan (pdf)

Three Year Reinspection Report, 11/08/16 (pdf)

Six Month Periodic Surveillance Report, 12/09/15 (pdf)

Soil Remediation Project at Half Day School, 7/22/15 (html)

  • In 2012, the District removed two abandoned (empty) heating oil tanks located on the east side of the Half Day School building. The storage tanks were about 50-60 years old; one was measured at 4,000 gallons, the second at 2,500 gallons. This project was completed through the State of Illinois EPA Leaky Underground Storage Tank removal program and project managed by Gabriel Environmental. After the project was completed, the EPA required monitoring wells to be installed in order to take periodic soil samples and determine whether any contaminants remained. Subsequent soil samples came back higher than first expected, and the EPA required the District to remove the contaminated soil. With the exception of the pavement and landscape restoration, this was completed yesterday. While the ground was open, there were further samples taken to determine proper quantity removal. All soils were hauled to a licensed special waste disposal site. For your convenience, I am attaching a lab report with specific testing results. At no time were students or staff exposed to this soil, as it was located 12-15 feet below the surface. (Also, the empty tanks and the soil were removed when school was not in session.)
  • Lab Report, 8/29/13 (pdf)
  • Lab Report, 7/22/15 (pdf)

Facility Updates

Staff Access for Work Orders

Attention, District 103 Staff Members: Submit your work order online using this convenient service.

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